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Our Anniversary + Flashlight Giveaway

Billy and I just celebrated our second anniversary with a camping trip to Blackhawk Memorial Park in the driftless area of Southwest Wisconsin near the town of Woodford. This is the third time we’ve camped at Blackhawk. It’s the perfect place to find an inexpensive last-minute campsite, even on a holiday weekend.


We pitched our tent on campsite #19, across the Pecatonica river from some cows. At night we saw a few shooting stars that we later found out were part of the Camelopardalids meteor shower.

I’m in the last trimester of my pregnancy, so we did less hiking than usual. We hiked around New Glarus Woods State Park, and then had ice cream nearby at Kennedy’s Ice Cream & Grill.

We used our pie iron to make cornbread, pizza pockets and sausage cheddar biscuits. We also made a veggie breakfast scramble and walking tacos. Can you tell that I have a big appetite lately? I’ll post the recipes soon.

Coast HP550 Flashlight

Shortly before our trip, the folks at Coast sent me a free HP550 flashlight to try.

Billy testing flashlight

This particular LED flashlight is very bright, making even a dark night seem like daylight. Seriously, use caution and don’t shine it in anyone’s eyes! The HP550 has two brightness settings and an easy to adjust slide focus.

Coast & Maglite

We compared the the HP550 to our Maglite LED flashlight. The HP550 is smaller, 9 ounces lighter and significantly brighter than the Maglite.

The Coast HP550 is available at Walmart for around $60, or enter below to win the one we tested. Good luck and happy camping!

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7 Glamping Accessory Ideas

As much as I like roughing it, adding personal touches to your campsite is a lot of fun. It really makes camping a more memorable experience. Plus, if your campsite is welcoming, then your campground neighbors are likely to stop by and visit. Last year I struck up a conversation with a couple a few campsites over because I liked their papasan chairs. Funnily enough, when we returned to the same campground this year, we ran into them again! It was fun chatting with them and hearing about their adventures camping in the Canadian wilderness.

Glamping Gear - 7 Great Glamping Accessory Ideas

Here are seven glamping gear ideas that I love:

1. Classic Tableware

Paper plates and plastic forks are convenient, but they’re also wasteful. You worked too hard on that gourmet meal to serve it on paper plates. Instead, opt for classic enamelware and real silverware.

Glamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory Ideas

This dish set from GSI is great because the stainless steel rims protect against chipping. The matching cutlery is also adorable.

Glamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory Ideas

When it’s time for tea (or instant coffee), you can reach for this enamelware teapot.

2. Set A Pretty Table

The best tablecloths for camping are made of PEVA. PEVA is PVC-free, chlorine-free, phthalate-free and biodegradable, so it makes a great choice for your campsite.

Opt for a tablecloth without a flannel backing. Flannel can soak up water and snags easily on a picnic table.

For an affordable, non-toxic option, try this tablecloth from Walmart or this tablecloth from Menards.

3. Sip in Style

Glamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory Ideas

I love these glasses made from mason jars from Anthropologie. However, the punched lid design is less than practical. There’s nothing glamorous about bugs in your beverage.

Glamping Gear - 7 Great Glamping Accessory Ideas

Aladdin mason jar tumblers have a closed top. They’re made of BPA free plastic and you can find them at Cabela’s, Target, Kmart and Walmart.

Or you can make your own mason jar tumbler with this DIY from A Farm Wife’s Life.

4. Decorate

Glamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory Ideas

Some bunting can easily take your campsite from ho-hum to awesome. Check out this bunting on Etsy.

Glamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory Ideas

If you’re feeling crafty, let this DIY Bunting post over at New Wave Domesticity be your guide.

5. Snuggle Up

Whether new or vintage, a wool camp blanket is useful and beautiful. I have a vintage yellow camp blanket with cream stripes ($3 at an estate sale, yay), as well as two Pendleton camp blankets from REI. I use them in the summer for camping. Come winter, I use them for extra warmth on our beds at home.

Glamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory Ideas

You could go for the legendary (but pricy) Hudson Bay 6 Point Blanket.

Glamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory Ideas

Pendleton also has a lovely series of wool blankets inspired by National Parks.

6. Take a Seat

Glamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory Ideas

Though we have the plasticky chairs with cup holders, I’ve had my eye on these classic camp chairs from Byer of Maine for a while.

Glamping Gear - 7 Glamping Accessory Ideas

These camp stools are super cute and have great reviews as well! Just add a little table and you’re all set.

7. Enjoy the Comforts of Home

Well, most of them anyway. If your site has electric, you can bringing a variety of creature comforts from home. A box fan is awesome to have; it will chase away bugs and keep you cool. Bring your crock pot for easy meals. I’ve even seen someone camping with her coffee maker. I guess she couldn’t do without a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. Just one request: please leave the TV at home 🙂

What do you do to make your site extra-special? I’d love to hear your ideas. Also, be sure to check out my glamping board on Pinterest for more ideas!