It may seem a little strange to worry about how you look when you’re in the woods camping. But when you think about the number of photos that are taken on camping trips, it makes sense. Here are my tips on how to look your best, even when the showers are miles away.

12 great camping beauty tips


  1. Start Curly: If you have straight hair, curl it before you leave your house. It prevents your hair from getting really flat. I’ll often curl my hair on Friday. By Saturday it’s just wavy, and on Sunday it just has a little extra volume. I use a technique like this.
  2. Dry Shampoo: If your roots start to look greasy, use some dry shampoo. It’s super easy to use. Just spray it in, wait a few minutes and then brush the powder out. Pssssst! Dry Shampoo is $6 and it works great.
  3. Pigtails: When my hair begins to get a bit flat, I sometimes put it in pigtails. They tend to look less slicked back than a ponytail. Just make your pigtails really low or you’ll look like Punky Brewster.
  4. Hat: If all else fails, cover up your hair with a hat, scarf or bandana. I love my straw cowboy hat, It comes with me on every camping trip.


  1. Makeup Removing Wipes: Sometimes it’s hard to wash your face at night. My old roommate tipped me off to these Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes and I really like them. They are meant to remove makeup, but they work equally well on dirt and oil. They are a great way to clean your face without water. 
  2. Baby Wipes: Baby wipes are useful for freshening up other parts of your body when you can’t shower. They’re also really good at removing soot from your hands. I buy them in small packs like this.
  3. BB Cream: BB Cream is great because it moisturizes and evens out your skin. It’s lightweight and perfect for a no-makeup look. I use L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic B.B. Cream in Light.
  4. Mascara: When I’m camping, I leave my mascara on for a few days. I use L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tube Technology Lash Extension Effect Mascara, Blackest Black. I skip the white base and it stays on until I wet it with warm water. Then it removes in pieces and doesn’t smudge all over your face. 


  1. Running Gear & Yoga Clothes: In addition to my usual jeans and shorts, I love to pack a running tank top and shorts. They’re flattering and work well whether I’m hiking, kayaking or biking. I even sleep in them at night. In colder weather, I opt for yoga pants, a tank top and a fitted sweatshirt. Pick synthetic fabrics if possible. If you get wet they’ll dry quickly. Target has some nice, affordable activewear.
  2. Flannels: Flannels are the quintessential camping shirt for a reason. They are cosy, lightweight and perfect for nights around the campfire. I find most of mine at Goodwill.
  3. Tank Tops: I always pack a few tank tops for every camping trip. I like the fit of AE tank tops. These racerback bras work really well under a tank top.
  4. Flip Flops: In addition to hiking boots, it’s great to have a pair of flip flops that you can slide on when you step out of the tent. I’ve had these
    Reef Stargazer flip flops
    for years. They’re durable, comfortable, cute and you can hose them off if they get dirty.
    Also check out my camping checklist for a complete list of what to pack.

What’s your secret to looking cute while camping?

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  1. Thanks for this great post! Pigtails and braided pigtails work great for camping and fit easily under a hat or bandana if low enough. I never remember to pack baby wipes, even though I think about them every trip after we are already out in the wild. Thanks again, I’m getting ready for a fall camping trip and the timing of this was perfect!

  2. I love to take along a cream eyeshadow duo in a brown/light tan. I can use it to add a bit of highlight and bronze to my cheeks, face, and eyes. I usually one by E.L.F. (about $1 and small l enough to fit in your pocket). I think the color I use is called butternut, but I’m not sure, I’d have to go look at it, but you’d need to find a color that works with your skin. It’s fairly sheer, but easily buildable, and easy to blend, with a slight hint of shimmer that catches the light without being too much. Whatever product you pick, you want a natural dewy glow, not too shimmery, not glittery, and not too matte.
    I also put my hair in two loose French braids at night. It gives my hair a loose wavy texture the next day, and keeps it from getting too tangled.

  3. I’m getting ready for a camping trip this Labor Day weekend. I’m sitting her in my Velcro rollers so my hair isn’t too flat over the weekend. (I put a little product in it before I blow it upside down … you can always wet your fingers to reactivate the product the next day to give your style a little beachiness!) So I Googled “camp hair” just to see what other crazies are out there with tips … and I found you. Delighted!

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